Happy Friday! For all of you with new year's resolutions, we’re cheering you on to keep going as now is the time that a lot of people lapse. We’ll be posting a Valentine’s day gift guide on Monday just in case you’re out of ideas for Tuesday.

A beautiful retirement retreat in Japan.

A great book from Anne Lamott on the importance of great teachers.

Scientists have found a biomarker to identify Multiple Sclerosis types.

How to eat sustainably without going vegan.

Amazing photos of a child growing inside the womb.

Island banning all junk food.

Tip for checking for lumps!

Dealing with adult acne.

Are Tampons Toxic? Dr Maggie Ney answers questions on what’s inside tampons.

Following on from that, here at Sagitta we’ve tried out a great alternative.

Amazing yoga from a mother of two.

I’m sure many of us by now have watched Lady Gaga’s Halftime Superbowl show, here’s a great ad that aired alongside it.

A musical interlude from Wild Beasts featuring female skateboarders in India.

A wonderful selection of words that can only be found in the German language.

Lastly, our #HealthHabits2017 challenge. Next week’s challenge is on cutting out sugar and you’ll see the results of our water challenge on Monday.



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