Happy Friday lovely readers! We hope you’ve had a great week and that the weekend ahead is full of things that make you smile like all of the things above... Without further ado our favourite finds from the week!

‘Hope, like love, is strengthened when tested by deep adversity’. This moving story of one families struggle is reminds us about what’s important in life. 

Here are some tips for treating a cough. 

We are 100% behind the idea here: Why wellbeing works for business. 

This animation is beautifully simple.

This is an incredible way of showing how different 200 calories looks across a spectrum of foods.

Amazing stuff - How to control someone else’s arm with your brain! 

Aaaaaaand by the same guy - DIY kits to introduce people to neuroscience!

The pill? Condoms? Now we have the world’s first approved birth control app! 

When you lose weight where does it go?!? All the answers are here.

Here’s a reason for guys to take it easy on the exercise! 

So your five a day would actually be better as 10 a day a new study has found… Basically the healthiest approach is just to eat more fruit and veggies. 

Amazing! Someone made colour changing hair dye! 

And lastly, with pancake day just around the corner - here are some healthy recipe ideas. 


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