Happy Friday! We don’t know about you but we’re super pleased it’s nearly the weekend! Here are our favourite finds from the week!

Should hearing children learn sign language? In our opinion, absolutely. We would have loved to have learnt ourselves as kids.

A very interesting read on how humans made the banana perfect and how it will soon be gone.

We posted out first animated tip on Instagram. Sophie Koko Gate made the magic happen, check our new tips channel for regular tip posts. 

And here’s some more info on probiotics and fermented food.

Here’s a funny, heartfelt story about IVF.

This is very gross. We warned you. 

Lovely photos, the top with the goose pimples is amazing.

Here’s a badass music video that shows you how you can make the world a better place. 

Here’s an interesting read about sweat. Mmm, lovely. 

A very interesting AMA happened on dementia.

Here’s how better sleep feels like winning the lottery! 

And last but not least - & downloading this right now. Marie Kondo has a an app to help you declutter. Oh the things to get excited about as an adult. 



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