Happy Friday!!! Here's a few things from around the web to get you set for the weekend.

So threadworms are a thing. There’s a very funny read about them over at The Pool 

Yasmin Rossi is a 59 year old model who is revolutionising the industry. We love what she’s written about her beauty routine.

Here’s a really cool video by Macro Room with medical pills dissolving in water, this is what they do on your insides O.o…

This is a box that contains all the first aid help you may need for children. It was developed by kids doctors in University Clinic Bonn and all the proceeds go in to research for premature babies.

Refinery 29 gave us 5 tips for a healthier week including that not all lumps mean breast cancer and why you might always feel bloated

Some of the biggest companies and iconic landmarks have lost their A’s B’s and O’s in a campaign encouraging people to donate blood 

We’ve all been there, found something we want that is no longer available anywhere. The internet did yet another great act of kindness by sending a little girl with Autism the shirt she loves several times over. Go internet!

Image: via Tumblr

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