It's Friday again and we're excited to be here, enjoy the last day of March and have a wonderful weekend.

The coolest news of the week has to have been that a spinach leaf has been transformed into beating human heart tissue.

Gut health such an important thing, this video by TED-Ed shows how the food you eat effects it. 

Would we be happier if we accepted that happiness is momentary? 

This beautiful video of Paul Taylor dancers shows how dancers deal with the physicality of their work.

A lot of people I know go through this: What to say to a friend who is using you as a therapist. 

Don’t panic over these common memory problems.

Treatment for motor neurone disease might be getting closer thanks to the ice bucket challenge! 

Here's a great article on being diagnosed as bipolar and what it means for living.

There’s only a few weeks till the London Marathon, what’s the formula to success… 

Can optimism make you live longer?

And finally life lessons from a Harvard Professor. 


Image by Antti Kalevi



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