Happy Friday! It’s Friday link pack time… Some really lovely finds this week. Enjoy!

There’s a very lovely and scary garden completely made up of poisonous plants in the North of the UK…

VR is growing like crazy and now it’s giving doctors the tools to explore hearts. 

What it’s like to have nookie after you’ve had a baby. 

Japanese forest bathing is scientifically proven to be good for your health! Hooray for nature. 

Great news! Exercise is contagious, especially among women. 

Sagitta has been featured in Viewpoint Magazine! We were super happy to be a part of it!

Here are five ways to potentially stop snoring. 

This instagram is celebrating body shapes and is bloody brilliant. 

A stay at home dad has been leaving post it notes for his wife during the day - there are some golden nuggets of hilarity here. 

Prince Harry made the news this week by opening up about mental health - take a listen to the podcast. 

It’s not only women who suffer from feeling insecure about their bodies, here are the men behind the male body positivity movement. 

The bullet journal is a great way to keep a diary and we love the section on how to keep track of your health. 

Ten famous women have shared thoughts about their experiences with menopause. 

Is there a formula for happiness? This google executive has a great outlook on life where you take a truthful view on the present. 

An app has been created that could help detect skin cancer from photos. 

Simone Lia has a great series of illustrations for The Observer speaking about the things she’s learned. 


Image by Pink Bits

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