Happy Good Friday! It's Easter and it's time for bunnies and chocolate and all things nice but we're here to remind you you can still have a good time while being healthy. And if you are giving you or your children all the chocolate this weekend it's surprisingly healthier for our teeth to have it all in one big sitting then to have a little at a time...  Anyway onwards we go with our favourite finds from the web this week! Have a lovely weekend. 

Female surgeons are posing like the illustration above in an lovely act of solidarity.

There's a lot to be said about our old friend, a traditional bar of soap. 

We've also shared our second animated tip! 

These 5 skills lead to health, wealth and success according to a study. 

Here are some food mistakes even the healthiest people make. 

How to boost your fertility naturally...

For those with children here's a very handy list for how to travel with kids and even enjoy it. 

What eating chocolate actually does once it's in you...

This video shows how incredible plants are and reminded us that we should never take any form of life for granted. 

Turmeric is anti inflammatory but don't believe everything you read on fitness blogs. 

Scientists have figured out how to make salt water drinkable!


Image by Malika Favre for The New Yorker



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