Happy Friday! We hope you have a wonderful relaxing few days ahead and that if you're joining in with our #HealthyHabits2017 Challenge that you enjoy your weekend hike ;). See you next week!

This might not be the healthiest but it would make a lot of people very happy - how to make home made pizza.

Boob Haiku’s. What more can we say?

What your eye colour says about your health.

Jimmy Kimmel was very moving when he spoke about the tough week he’s had since his son was born with a heart problem.

Sheryl Sandberg on how to build resilient kids, even after a loss.

Has anyone tried these?

This jumping rope video is the oddest yet greatest thing you’ll see today.

The benefits of taking time to learn something in your spare time.

Here are some ways to change how you think about your body.

We also shared our healthy habits challenge post from last week on essential oils. Are you joining in? This weekend we’re going for a hike as part of the challenge.

Are you thirsty all the time? Read this.


Image by Trisha Thompson Adams

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