It's Friyay and time for our link pack! Whoop! Definitely watch the cycling video and have a fantastic weekend.

Ever wanted to impress your doctor? You can now. 

Father of daughters has this brilliant video to share.

Someone has been going around protecting doodled penis’ on city walls to promote safe sex. Ingenious.

Roald Dahl wisdom is the best kind of wisdom. 

How to put away your phone when you don’t need to be on it. 

We would love this fermentation crockery set, we could make our own water kefir! 

Here are some great ideas for healthy school lunches.

This cyclist is incredible and just watch out for the guy on the scooter at the end. 

So many cool pieces of health tech.

In this busy world have we lost the art of relaxing? 

Allergies might be worse this summer, stock up on those anti-histamines. 


Image via Designspiration



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