Happy Friday! It's been a bit of a crazy week so we hope you're ready for the weekend and going to make the most of it. It's link pack time so without further ado. 

Arcade Fire came out with a cracking new tune, so we'd recommend you put this on while you look through the rest of the list. 

Here are 6 cleaning hacks you can use if you need to do a little weekend tidy. 

This service dog in a high school year book is super cute. 

The Manchester One Love concert generated a lot of good feels last weekend. 

Social jet lag exists and a lot of people suffer from it. 

Dying is a happier experience than most of us expect it to be, according to science. 

This lady walked across Canada, can we come on your next hike?

Maybe spend the weekend being spontaneous... Life is better without plans. 

These photos show that relaxing with some wine can be a good mood booster. 

Teen girls have invented a straw that can test your drink.

Turns out white bread or brown bread can be healthier depending on your bodily make up. 

Wonder Woman came out this week and turns out there might be something in posing like her to boost your confidence.





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