Happy Friday ! The summer solstice was this week and so we're enjoying the longest days of the year. Hooray for light. We've gone through the web and rounded up our favourite finds this week. Enjoy! 

WoodSwimmer: a new stop-motion short made entirely by slowly cutting through wood.

This is why the new trend of using Coke to get a tan is a terrible idea...

Sorry, but coconut oil isn't actually good for you.

Do’s and don’ts during your period you probably didn’t know of.

Why everyone isn't celebrating the summer solstice.

Here’s why even fit people get out of breath climbing stairs.

A century-old Parkinson's question has been answered.

The BBC have shared some tips on how to keep your baby safe in hot weather.

Ever feel like ditching the coffee? Here are some alternatives...

Is detoxing a myth?

This device is like a breathalyzer for your skin...

Here's everything you would want to know about jackfruit, the latest miracle food.






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