Happy Friday! Hope you've had a most spectacular week and are looking forward to the weekend. To kick things off here's our Friday link round up. 

Annie Leibovitz photographed some beautiful shots of pregnant Serena Willams. Great read too.

Why every baby should eat peanut butter. 

It's Pride month and this skateboarder came out, watch the incredible video. 

We want to go here. Such a cool library. 

How to help people with autism... Just be nice. 

Remarkable bodily features you likely do not have yourself. 

Journaling - is it good for your health?

These realistic colouring books are educational as well as fun. 

This kid turned a subway platform into an underground therapy office. So cute. 

Careful - faecal matter was found in three different coffee shops. Ew.

Here's a reason to keep being arty. 





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