Happy Friday! So many cool and innovative discoveries have been found this week and have made it into the link pack. We hope you enjoy the read! 

This picture of a tiny pig sun bathing will make you happy. 

Related to our healthy habits the other week, The School of Life have released a set of cards for gratitude.

Eternal Sunshine anyone? Scientists have erased selected memories from snails. 

How to use essential oils for panic attacks. 

Scotland have become the first nation to give free access to sanitary products! Win!

You can take magnesium to bring you out of the blues.

Burns can now be healed without scarring thanks to stem cells! 

Having just come out of Pride month, this cute video came to our attention. 

This lady documented her travels with her prosthetic leg. Super cool.

How does your temperature affect ovulation?

Lastly the comedy wildlife photography award entries are already looking hilarious. 



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