Happy Friday! Ladies, we tested some period pants for you beginning of the week, if you missed the post have a read here

A text conversation about tampons between a mum and daughter went viral this week.

The 'male pill' is looking to be the next FDA approved male contraception since the condom.

This TED talk has some lessons learned from the longest study on happiness

Someone has invented a game to make conversations and learning about periods easier, because why is it still a taboo?!

Want to know what causes your sunburn? There’s this pretty interesting video.

Is your baby crying a lot? A possible cause could be  Kiss Syndrome. (text in german only)

For you mama’s out there, here are some tips for pumping and building a supply of breast milk.

POP is something we should all know about, some good advice here.

Paralympic medals make noise so visually impaired people can hear their win!


Illustration by Monica Ramos 



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