Happy Friday! We hope you've been having a lovely week with a great weekend to look forward to, no matter what you're doing. Here's our link pack for the week, enjoy!

20 small & inexpensive changes to make you life a little healthier. 

John lewis has abandoned gender labels on children’s clothes! 

A guide of when to visit the gynaecologist.

Green beauty 101: where to start and what to avoid. 

This video of an Irish family trying to catch a bat will have you in stitches.

People are swearing by this body lotion to help insomnia.

How to make fresh home made tomato sauce.

Here's an interesting video on antibiotic resistance. 

Waiting to have kids until later in life? You’re doing some good for the planet. 

Creative leaders on stress in the workplace. 

How to use epsom salts for health, beauty and home.

Short naps will make you happier. Go take that siesta. 

How can I be happy? An interesting podcast. 

How to use an apple cider vinegar bath for a UTI. 

Reading a poem a day will make you see the world differently.

And if you’re looking for some poems to read we’d recommend these.

Can gut health affect anxiety? 

Considering going vegan? Here are some tips from dieticians. 

A therapists guide to setting boundaries and actually keeping them. 

Are you happy?

Here are some animal milks that don't come from cows.

How not to give a f**k for 24hrs. 

Seven things to do this Autumn for better health. 




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