Happy Friday! We hope you've had a great week and are looking forward to the first full weekend of October! Madness. Anyway, enjoy!

Yippy, dancing is proven to reverse effects of brain degeneration. What a reason to go get your boogie on. 

Here's some lovely compliments to make you feel good enough to give out to the world. 

Here's a super interesting video about what happens to your body if you have too many laxatives. Basically never do it. 

Here are seven ways stress can damage your teeth...

Here are 20 products you can buy to raise money and awareness for cancer! 

Should you be worried about those spiders moving in with the colder weather?

Let's all be like her!

Like Hugh Hefner or not, this is quite interesting on how he had a drug resistant e-coli infection. 

4 times Instagram people showed you cellulite is perfectly normal. 

Things to know before you donate blood. 

This girl tried to relax for a week and instead felt stressed out. 

Want to know more about Lady Gaga's invisible illness?

Are periods the ultimate symbol of female friendship?





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