Happy Friday!! In a week where the world is going crazy over the fact Brangelina is no more, we thought we’d bring you some other interesting things to look at!

This week there was a global pledge by UN member countries to tackle superbugs.

We’re currently having a read of Quiet by Susan Cain, her TED talk on the power of introverts is very inspiring to listen to in what feels like a very loud world.

Super inspiring Miki Agrawal talks here about hyperthyroidism and how she took control of her health.

This book is the secret to kids bedtimes - created by a behavioural scientist to make your evenings easy.

We love the breakthrough of body and age positivity going on in the fashion world right now, Gucci have made 79 year old Vanessa Redgrave their new face. We’re so on board with this.

Proof of nothing good comes easy are The Zuckerbergs, who launched an initiative to do what seems impossible, supporting scientific research into helping cure, prevent and manage all diseases in our children’s lifetime. Pretty inspiring stuff if you ask us.

We love these Know Yourself cards by the School of Life

It may be the end of mosquito season but these will certainly come in handy next year! Plasters to help ease those itchy bites.

Surprisingly there are some foods you can’t have while you’re expecting, this rather useful blog post gives an insights into some of the trials you might face with food.


Image from Lettered Lessons on Instagram

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