Wishing a spooky Friday and halloween weekend to you all! Enjoy the link pack this week, there are some great finds if we do say so ourselves. 

Super cute. A secret to a happy marriage.

We’d recommend listening to the Burton Snowboards podcast!

In the spirit of spookiness, is watching scary movies good for you?

According to science long workouts are a waste of time.

You can’t shrink, open, close or get rid of pores.

Here are 10 strange things evolution left on your body.

Why everyone needs their own personal ‘board of directors’

Why we need to dream more.

Here are some tips for how to have a healthy Halloween!

This is a little gross, but here are how some bad habits can effect your health.

Here are 6 books to read over Autumn.

Someone tried bed time hacks so you don’t have to.

A woman discovered she had skin cancer through an app. Hooray for technology!

There’s now a podcast where you can listen to people having real life therapy.

Here are some home remedies for when you can’t stop coughing.

This instagram post definitely has a point!

Why pessimists have a reason to be cheerful.

Last but not least, here are our suggestions for healthy halloween recipes! 




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