Happy Friday! We hope you've all had a wonderful week and are looking forward to a lovely first weekend of December. Enjoy the link pack!

Some simple recipes for relief from a cold. 

Swamp wresting - a lovely video about being in nature. 

How peer pressure changes with age. 

Seven genius products to help you wake up on cold, dark mornings. 

Gotta have a lot of love for these little free libraries that are popping up. 

An at home fertility test that takes a look at lots of different factors. 

Essential life advice from elders.

2018 - the year to break up with self doubt. 

Toys made from sugar, not as weird as it sounds. 

This is how many new mums experience mental health issues. 

Five things that cause sore boobs. 

Third hand smoke is a thing y'all.

How to get fit if you don't have the time.

Cinnamon has a sparkly new health benefit. 

How to stop watery eyes. 

What your mums body might mean for your health. 

Talks to give you the warm and fuzzy feelings. 

What your poop can tell you about you about your health. 

This will make your day!

How to figure out how much water to drink. 

This bed is #goals. 




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