Hello hello! Our lovely readers, here’s another happy Friday link pack, lots of interesting stuff this week!

Don’t Stop Me Now… I’m having such a good time, I’m having a ball… This is the happiest song in the world according to science

A scientist has developed a face cream using a Harvard Medical School breakthrough.

Looking for some new houseplants? NASA have made a list of the best air filtering ones so you can have cleaner air at the same time. 

Would you eat virus shaped popsicles? 

Being nice is good for your health 

We love that this school switched detention with meditation

There's a Truman Show style village in the Netherlands for people with dementia

Just in time for us to party when we’re 70, alcohol could be hangover free by 2050

After our post earlier in the week we’re pretty happy to read that acne sufferers could live longer and look younger than people with perfect skin.

If you're taking the pill could be effecting your mental health

Our internal clocks may be a massive dictator of how long each one of us lives 

Ever feel like life is speeding by and one day you’ll wake up and be 80? A chap called Jedidiah Jenkins decided to shake up a year of his life by cycling around Patagonia, getting out of his routine to see if time would feel longer. We love this little film about his trip, super inspiring. 


Image: A Conscious Edit



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