Happy Friday! And happy beginning of February! Here are some of our favourite links from the web this week.

Here’s a beautiful series of emotional images showcasing raw and caring love between couples.

Touch yourself for World Cancer Day.

No matter how young or old you are you can still do the things you love. Like this 77 years old ballerina!

How to improve your running? Smile!

Learn how to reduce your stress with these 5 simple steps.

What if our healthcare system kept us healthy?

Want to reduce your sugar cravings? Try apple cider vinegar.

Here’s a short video explaining why small pleasures are a big deal.

Check how meditation can save your relationship.

Protect your eyes if you are staring at your screen all day.

How our brains change when we are outside.

Hypnosis as a cure for anxiety, insomnia and IBS. Does it really work?

Old People Doing Things. You have to see this.

How to build a creative career aroud mental illness?


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