Happy Friday! We hope you are having an amazing week so far and hope that you enjoy our favourite links from this week. We are so excited for Valentine's Day and Pancake Day next week, hope you are too!

Check this new app that helps with mental health issues.

F*ck your Period!

Do you suffer from allergies? This new research could help you!

These masks filter out air pollution and monitor air quality!

What it's like to work the suicide hotline.

This super-easy exercises might help you sleep better.

How to fix a broken heart?

Don’t sweat out your cold!

A powerful message about aging by this 64-year-old accidental fashion icon.

Sali Hughes says that it is necessary to have some sick days. Yas!

6 foods to help prevent the flu.

A new health-focused podcast called “Well Now”.

Watch this TED Talk on how to control your emotions in a healthy way.

Those ladies made a naked calendar to promote body positivity. Brilliant!

How to be better at spending time alone.


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