Happy Friday! It was International Women’s Day yesterday! Lots of love from our team to all the amazing, strong ladies out there!

Do you feel information overload as well?

Find out how to stop being so hard on yourself.

Such an informative profile about healthy vegan nutrition.

See this video of Roald Dahl discussing his work and loves.

Check out an amazing Oscar acceptance speech by Frances McDormand.

Frances McDormand explains what 'inclusion rider' means.

How exercising changes our brain.

Find out how to find time to read and enjoy it.

Miranda Kerr on her lifelong passion for health and wellness.

You don’t need talent to become successful.

IKEA has launched a new sustainable wellness and yoga collection!

Here is what music does to your body.

How much do YOU weigh? #fuckingKG

An interesting interview with Lulu Guinness on how she copes with depression and bipolar disorder.

Check this cool lady!



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