Happy Friday! We have found a lot of amazing links for you this week.

This 2-minute cartoon teaches parents how to perform CPR on an infant.

How to enjoy snow!

The North Face is launching a new collection made from material that defends against radiation and contamination.

Check out this talented Japanese ballerina doing tricks on a bike in 1965.

Find out how the Moomins helped Terry Pratchett with his Alzheimer’s disease.

This is why we love puppies so much.

Tips on how to hold your baby.

Season 2 of Esther Perels couples therapy podcast is out.

What an amazing group of friends!

13 things we should know about deaf people.

Check out this inspiring project for homeless people.

THIS will make your day!

Michelle Obama talks about the power of girls’ education.

4 health benefits of mediation.

This ground-breaking pre-eclampsia screening test could potentially prevent thousands of cases.

Are you truly happy?


Image by Aleksandra Stanglewicz



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