Happy Friday! We have lots of amazing links for you this week. Enjoy!

Going to gigs can help you live longer.

A great list of books to read this spring.

7 easy ways to use essential oils in your home.

This new blood test can detect Alzheimer's 30 years in advance.

Mirror Face - a beautiful photographs showcasing what women desire in themselves.

Spring-clean your body with these 6 cleansing food.

Here's how fecal transplants can treat diseases drugs can't fix.

What is like to be pregnant.

Great tips from Elizabeth Bennett on dealing with eczema.

This wedding video will make you laugh!

A guide to understanding adaptogens.

An amazing animation explaining why do we feel the need to be alone from time to time.

8 habits that are worth the trouble.

Listen to a few tips on how to stop worrying.

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