Happy Friday! Lots of links for you this week

How do you deliver functional, sustainable healthcare to a region without running water or electricity? Micro Hospitals in a shrink and ship format, that’s how.

How do we feel about standing desks? Marisa Bate at The Pool is sold on the idea

Will women have periods in the future? Here’s a super interesting Periscope presentation by Almira Thunstrom at the Geek Girl Meetup

Switch your Lager for a Pale Ale and you might have a happier liver

Science has brought us 15 healthy eating habits that work

A sleep expert thinks work shouldn’t start till 10am and school even later

There is a charity teaching dogs to sniff out cancer! 

The School of Life are presenting a talk in London taking you on a journey through a day in the life of your brain

Apparently the human lifespan has a maximum limit

We came across this beautiful stop motion using lots of naked people

We loved this article about the one thing powerful women in business all have in common

Here’s a list of healthcare innovators making the world a better place

A comedian pointed out that most of a woman’s reproductive system is named after men

On the topic of lady parts - and for something light hearted - we discovered the My Dad Wrote A Porno podcast. It’s hilarious, nsfw though.



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