Happy Friday! It’s Mental Health Awareness Week - let’s fight the stigma surrounding the subject together. Here are some links that will make you smile.

A note on happiness.

Missguided has just launched an amazing body positive skin campaign.

A lovely message for commuters during Mental Health Awareness Week.  

Wellcome Collection delves into the mystery of genius.

Find out what makes someone an extrovert and introvert.

This why you should work smarter not harder.

A beautiful illustrated series showcasing mental health disorders by Marco Mazzoni.

Read how to help your child navigate a special needs encounter.

Do something if you are a part of the indoor generation.

The Mental Health Foundation gives advice on how to cope with stress.

How a nontoxic skincare and a change in diet can amazingly impact your skin.

It's okay to feel ‘Not Very Okay At All’.

One last thing... Remember you're never alone if you're going through a tough time. Reach out to friends, family, your doctor or pick up the phone and call your local mental health line. Someone will listen. Your feelings are valid.




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