Over the past two months or so we’ve been busy testing ‘healthy’ aluminium free deodorants over here. The point for me was to not exactly replace aluminium as sometimes you really really need to not be a sweat machine - looking at you job interviews and business meetings…. but to give my body a break from constant use of aluminium and try and see if some of them would give me the right coverage for a low pressure day, and maybe while I exercise because sweating is pretty good for you then too - you just don’t really want to be smelly.

Sabine has already posted about her experience in a video, talking about the deos she found available in Germany, and which ones worked and which ones didn’t… So this is my point of view on the ones available in the UK, though I believe you could get some of the ones she mentioned here too.

Before the experiment I was pretty much switching between the Dove GoFresh range and Sanex Anti-perspirant on a daily basis, I like the smell of both, though Sanex smells cleaner in my opinion and In the summer Sanex proved to be a more reliable deo than Dove at protecting against sweat patches.

I did a bit of research and I found four very different ones I wanted to try: The Natural Deodorant Co - Active Deodorant Balm, Green People’s Quinoa & Prebiotics Deodorant, Malin + Goetz Eucalyptus Deodorant and Soft & Gentle Active 0% Aluminium Anti-perspirant Deodorant.

Much like Sabine said in her video. Healthy deodorants are definitely a bit of trial and error, and you will occasionally be a bit stinky as some things may work differently on different peoples skin - so this is very much a personal point of view. However some of them did work pretty well which I’m happy to say. And as Sabine also mentioned in her video, there is a transition period where your body has to get used to not working with aluminium.


Natural Deodorant Co - £11

I started with The Natural Deodorant Co - Active Deodorant Balm. I chose the Orange and Bergamot scent - I basically love Lady Grey tea and wanted to smell like the ingredients of that. It arrived in a fairly small tub and inside you basically have a cream/paste that should mostly be solid until your hands melt it. You take out a little scoop and rub it on your underarm and away you go. The active ingredient in this deo is sodium bicarbonate. It took a little while to get used to when you first start applying it as the texture is a little grainy and feels a little bit like you’re exfoliating there - but who doesn’t want softer skin right? Anyway - the smell was great… it didn’t leave any white marks… and to my great surprise I didn’t smell too offensive the following day or if I’d been a busy bee that day. I think with regular usage a large tub would last around a month. The only thing I'm not 100% on is that you have to rub it on with your hand but that's me being fussy. Other than that this one gets full marks for me.


Green People - £9.50

Secondly I tried the Green People Quinoa & Prebiotics Deodorant… I was quite excited about this one. It looked like a normal deo to me and the info that 93% of testers found it protected them for 24hrs seemed promising. The active ingredient in this one is zinc ricinoleate (yeah, me too) that’s supposed to act like a sponge and absorb stinky molecules with the prebiotics supporting healthy bacteria and restricting those odour molecules… I’ve given this one a few goes, but each time it’s been a big disappointment for me. About two or three hours after application I might give myself a sniff to check and boy, oh boy, does this stuff not work me at all. I stank, already, and had to try and mask the smell with other things but I was already stinky so it didn’t really help. I had to wash freshly cleaned shirts because they smelt bad whereas I can usually get a few wears out of something before needing to wash it again. Also the fragrance of the deodorant to me by itself is a bit weird overall. If you are interested in trying this one, give it a go - it might work for someone else but take it with a pinch of salt as you might be one of the 7%.



Soft & Gentle - £2

Next I discovered that Soft & Gentle had released an aluminium free deodorant, which was available in the shops here. It’s the only one I didn’t order online and it was also the cheapest at £2. I wanted to see if there was a deo that regular people could have access to and not have to spend £15 on… because as much as I like fancy things, sometimes you need to prioritise spending money on food over spending money on deodorants. Overall I feel it worked pretty well, I don’t think I smelt the next day which was good. But the fragrance which was supposed to be like green tea was a bit odd: it kind of smelt like fragranced Always Sanitary Towels - which isn’t the best thing to smell like in my opinion (why the hell those things get fragranced anyway is beyond me). I also want to say that while I am a user of spray deodorants, it’s far better for the planet to avoid them so if you are looking for a healthy deodorant I’d recommend going for one of the others that Sabine and I have mentioned over getting this one. That being said if your priorities are affordability and availability then this is likely a safe bet.



Malin + Goetz - £18

Lastly is the Malin + Goetz Eucalyptus Deodorant. It seems very similar to the Dermalogica deo that Sabine tested. The packaging is blimmin great. It smells AMAZING in my opinion. The eucalyptus fragrance is super fresh and smells so clean. It’s the most expensive one out of the lot but not as expensive as some in Sabine’s list and the stick seems like it’ll last for a good long time. The active ingredient in this is citronellyl (an odour neutraliser) and it seems to do the job. Even if it does feel a little sweaty, the deodorant seems to work with your body to ensure you don’t smell and the once it’s been applied to you the fragrance seems to become very neutral. I also really like that it's a stick because I don't really like touching my under arms. 


Overall I would recommend the Natural Deodorant Company Balms and the Malin and Goetz over the others. If you want to try an aluminium free deodorant then give some a go! Stick with it though as it always takes your body time to adjust to new toiletries. See below Sabine's video if you want a reminder about what she said. 




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