Aaaand we’re in February… Madness. Week five of the #HealthyHabits2017 challenge has been to book a health check, quite an easy task if you’re in need of a dental check up or a health check with your doctor - however I am in need of neither as I visited the dentist just before Christmas and I’m in relatively good health so don’t want to waste valuable NHS resource and time, plus as a (questionably) normal 27 year old lady I’ve discovered I’m not entitled to annual health checks at the GP, not until I’m 40 or so at least… So this weeks challenge has been a little tough for me as I wanted to find something that would be beneficial.

Back in December we posted Sabine’s interview with Doctor Sokolowski and he mentioned the importance of supplementing as even the healthiest eater is likely not getting the optimal nutrition they need through their diet. He recommended getting a check done to find out which vitamins and minerals are actually worth supplementing. For example most people are lacking in vitamin D in the winter and vegans and veggies should ideally be supplementing vitamin B12 - both which you can get tested through the NHS. Vitamins work together within your body, so if you’re not getting enough of one it can actually impact on how effective another may be so personally I would like to see the entire range I’ve got working for me. This article does a really great job of explaining it.


So I set about trying to find a nutrition test, as I’m not the healthiest person on the planet - just a normal one - I know my levels must be a bit skewed and not working to their most effective. This task in itself was pretty damn difficult. After reading through a few websites that offer at home tests that you can send off to a laboratory and reading some articles about tests you can do to optimise your health I found a company called Genova Disgnostics Europe, who are based in the UK who you can order lots of different tests from. They offer a test called ONE (Optimal Nutritional Evaluation) which seems like the ideal test for what I’m after.

I have half failed at this weeks challenge as I’m not going to order it yet as it’s a good £335, and I don’t have that disposable income at the moment but it’s on my list to save up for as what better investment is there to understanding your health, with dietary health being one of the biggest impacting elements. At least I’m already all up to date on my other health checks and I discovered some interesting information about what’s available through the NHS.

Next week we’re drinking more water… Let the ‘Need to pee’ dance begin.




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