Water, water, everywhere.

Week six of the #HealthyHabits2017 challenge has been to drink at least 2 litres of water every day because good hydration is key for your body to maintain it’s temperature, increase your metabolism, help with headaches, to remove waste and to make sure your joints are lubricated. Health authorities often recommend 8x8oz glasses of water a day which is approximately 2 litres because as you go about your day you’re losing water even just by breathing so it’s good to replace that and keep your body flush with the water it needs. We hear so often that certain things are good for us, often hearing the rewards of doing something in particular but personally I find it’s really useful to know the negatives you’re preventing and understand how those actions exactly help prevent those negatives - and during my research on water I came across this and it made me consider that by neglecting to drink a good amount of h2o in the past I was probably not letting my body function at its optimum.

Needless to say water is important and also not so great for me - I’ve ALWAYS hated the taste of it (and it does have a taste to anyone who says it doesn’t) and I survive just by drinking tea, so this was a proper challenge for me. Now tea is a good source of water but it’s also diuretic, which means it makes you pee… Although I think my body had adapted to it after a lifetime of living off of Lady Grey tea because this last week I’ve spent more time in our bathroom than I have in about a month.



To make this challenge a bit easier I purchased a 500ml water bottle from Amazon after doing some research about glass water bottles, as all of our glasses are different sizes at home so I don’t actually know whether any of them are actually 8oz. I felt that having the bottle would make it easier to have on my if I needed to pop out or even to keep track of how much I was drinking. At least I know with my bottle I only need 4 of these and I will have hit the goal. I decided to go for glass because you can get nasties from plastic and plastic water bottles remind me of school and I recalled how stinky they could get and I wanted to incentivise drinking water rather than feel put off by it.

Over the course of the week I’ve adjusted my mindset to be aware and think ‘drink all the water in the bottle, fill it up every time it’s empty’. I read a lot of people use apps to remind themselves - I read about Plant Nanny and Waterlogged.

Of course I’ve also had tea, both Lady Grey and Green tea, but mostly it’s been the water - and I haven’t minded too much as the water in London is actually not too bad taste wise. Luckily being at home helped with needing the loo constantly as I was only caught short on one hour long dog walk when I left home and I felt like I needed to pee as soon as I left but I just thought of it as an exercise for my bladder. Though I think this has actually been the only problem.

One massive plus I have found was that before I usually felt bloated, by the end of each day I would feel really uncomfortable on a regular basis and since starting this water challenge I haven’t felt bloated at all, aside from one meeting where I had cow’s milk in my tea. But the water also actually helped to temper that a little as well. I’m waiting to see if it has an effect on my skin but I think it’s quite a promising experiment to keep continuing and hopefully my body adjusts to the toilet breaks.


Check back next week for the next instalment, the challenge being to eliminate refined sugar, another proper challenge for me as I’m a sugar monster, hopefully I won’t be thinking about cake all week.



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