This weeks #HealthyHabit2017 challenge was to use natural cleaning products. Unfortunately for me, life got so busy we didn't actually manage to clean once in the week in our flat - yes, it's messy, so I'm going to skip the how it went this week and just share some tips and information about how it could help your health by using them. 

Normal cleaning products, while they might clean your bathroom or kitchen so it's spotless and shiney, they can be pretty bad for your health in general as they contain lots of harmful chemicals. Occasionally these chemicals can create respiratory issues, and contribute to things like asthma so it's always wise to make sure you have enough ventilation when you're cleaning. And because it's the norm to use them, you never really think if you might have something around the house you can clean with that's just sitting in your kitchen cupboard.

Cleaning products also quite expensive. I was reading a book called the No Spend Year recently and one of the writers favourite tips was that she found white vinegar to be the cleaning product to rule all. And all it costs her is £2 a year to clean her house. 'It makes stainless steel shine, takes limescale off the bath and makes easy work of spills' and all you need to do is fill an empty spray bottle with one third white vinegar and two thirds water. It might get a little stinky from the vinegar (although it quickly dissipates) but you can add lemon juice or essential oils to it to help stop the fish and chip shop smell that comes along with the vinegar. 

A friend of mine also makes her own laundry detergent. It's a little extra effort but it's kind to sensitive skin and is worth the pay off of not feeling irritated. All it takes is three ingredients: washing soda or soda crystals, bicarbonate of soda, and shaved soap, you can throw in essential oils too, and occasionally people use borax as well but that's the jist of it. She also uses citric acid (although it's hard to come by in the shops here) with water as a cleaner in her bathroom.

You can find plenty of tips and advice for how to make your own natural cleaning agents at home around the internet but this website has been our favourite so far. 

It's a shame life was so busy, I was interested to try this task, but alas, maybe when we've got some time on our hands to consider it. For now ventilation is my friend when I do eventually have the time to clean! This weeks challenge is to reflect on and take note of what were grateful for. 

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