The last #HealthyHabits2017 was to say no. No, by itself, is a complete sentence and no other explanations are needed. Sometimes we do things we don't want to just because we feel obliged to and when we do this it can sometimes build up and effect us negatively. 

Saying yes to too many things can build up to having to keep too many balls in the air. So many adults I know end up taking on too much stuff and then when they finally get time to relax they end up getting sick. Their body has been in stress mode for so long that the cortisol racing around the body has turned off the immune function so they're susceptible to picking up something that will make them feel a little worse for ware. It all comes down to too much stress. So it's a good thing to practice saying no despite the FOMO you might feel when turning something down. Often saying no leads to even better opportunities coming your way. 

We've been a little guilty of saying yes to too many things over this way, so we thought we'd put it in as a healthy habit to try and cultivate. Things have been a little full on recently so it was a good time to implement this challenge in order to try and bring a bit more control and structure to happenings. 


The week went well. Luckily things had slowed down and bit and only things I wanted to do cropped up. Though there were a couple of days when I decided to say no to any more work for the day - being self employed I just seem to keep going and going. I decided to take the previous weeks healthy habit and get outside and do myself some good by saying no that way. Also having the feeling of needing to say no to things has made me feel a little more structured in my approach to agreeing to do work, even if I haven't needed to actually say no properly it's made me think - maybe I don't need to say yes to all of this. Basically it's been a good week.

Hopefully by setting myself this mental task on the daily I can implement a bit more structure into a life that's turning into a bit of a whirlwind of work. This week we're making the most of spending time with loved ones. 

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