Breakfast? Probably the most hotly debated meal of the day. We wouldn’t say its the most important meal of the day as all meals are important and all our bodies are different, but none the less, it’s a good move to start your day off fuelled properly, which is why we made it last weeks #HealthyHabits2017 Challenge.

Upon researching what the health benefits are, I discovered that skipping breakfast may increase diabetes risk in women. A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition discovered that woman who ate breakfast every day were much less likely to develop type two diabetes than women who skip breakfast. However, it’s wisest to start the day without sugar as this will spike your blood sugar and when your insulin kicks in to deal with it, you’ll feel more tired than you did. So put down the Pain Au Chocolat, the biscuits and the fruit smoothies and start the day off with something simple like porridge or overnight oats.

Eating breakfast has also been linked to improving your memory. Several studies have found that cognitive function improves post breakfast so it’ll help when you’re at work, or at school or needing to do something that requires some mental capacity. As long as you start the day off on the right foot.

Lastly, skipping breakfast can lead to hypertension (very high blood pressure) insulin resistance and elevated blood sugar levels (like when eating the sugary items too). However eating breakfast has been found to lower incidences of heart disease in men between ages 45 & 82 which is super interesting.


Last week was great! I actually always used to skip breakfast, it didn’t make me happy and I’d always rather choose sleep over preparing food in the morning, however now I have the time and the desire to eat a good breakfast.

I’ve recently been regularly attending a fitness course, and changed my diet in general, so I’ve been trying to get used to eating different things. I’ve been advised to up my protein intake during the bootcamp sessions as it helps to repair muscles after exercising them, so my teacher advised bringing in something during breakfast which is what I tried to do last week.

Over the week I made a really awesome omelette with peppers, tomatoes and courgette. I made a toasted sandwich with marmite, spinach and egg. I made vegan blueberry pancakes with blended oats and bananas, and I had a lovely avocado and eggs on toast dealio on Sunday at a new fitness space in close to where I live. Great stuff.

I found I had a good amount of energy post breakfast to keep going until mid afternoon when I decided to make a late lunch, and my brain was engaged in the work I needed to do. Last week was probably one of the first weeks where, bar one day, I felt pretty fully engaged each day during the working week. All in all, a good habit to build on.

This week: Go swimming!

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