For our #HealthyHabits2017 challenge for week 34, the task was to plant some herbs and veggies. Homegrown stuff is the best as you can get fresher, more nutritious produce for nothing but a bit a effort on your part.

There are a good few health benefits of growing your own, and it comes with its own fun and sense of achievement too when you manage to nurture some little plants. 

Gardening gets you moving so it's really beneficial for your physical health, anyone of any age can get involved with it. Weeding, digging, pruning, watering and harvesting can keep you busy and add exercise you didn't even know you were doing to your day by doing something purposeful. 

It's also really great for your mental health, watching something grow under the care of your own hand is a really gratifying thing to do. Alongside being outside and getting fresh air, gardening can be very therapeutic and can help with stress. If you get involved with a community garden project it can help with isolation and get people connected to new friends as well.

Growing your own food and herbs also means you can control what fertilisers and pesticides you use, if any, on those plants. Meaning your can have totally organic food right from your own efforts. Also because you harvest your food when you want, and when it's ripe, it means your food also contains more nutrients than shop bought produce that was picked early and ripened en route to the shops. 

It also reduces your environmental impact, by cutting out the pesticides to reduce pollution within air and water. And by growing something on your doorstep you're cutting down that middle process of getting produce from A to B, lovely stuff. 




This weeks challenge was really fun. We only have a small balcony that just about fits our dog on, no chance for a table and chairs so we've opted to put plants out there, however they've been in need of some tlc the last few months and this gave a great opportunity to have a clear out, do some weeding, plant some new things and water these bad boys.

I bought strawberry plants back in April and they've been sitting inside since then - we planted these in a yellow planter that used to have loads of mint, basil, chives and strawberries. Only the strawberry plant and some mint and chives survived so it was good to put some more life back into it.

We also stopped by the shop yesterday and bought some seeds for speedy veg - we can grow our own lettuce and salad leaves in 3 weeks which is pretty neat! Hopefully they'll start popping out soon. I bought some tomato seeds and spring onion seeds as well but we may have to wait till spring to see any results from those as it's not exactly the time of year for anything to germinate with Autumn just around the corner. 

Lastly we bought some ivy and a lavender plant to add some decoration to the front of the flat which we're both pretty pleased with. All in all, it was a great thing to add to our weekend, and hopefully we'll see some results from those seeds! Maybe I can even grow my own herbal teas. Here's to plants. 

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