Do you usually prepare for winter? Normally it's just the car, right?... maybe the house, getting firewood and making sure that the heating system runs properly, but how about your body?

Animals do it, so why are we humans not joining in? Some people probably quite like the idea of hibernation, I am actually a winter person, I love everything about it; snow, Christmas, winter sports, mulled wine and time in front of the fireplace. What I don’t like is getting sick, which is far more easily done in winter so I wanted to figure out how to best prepare to make it through the cold season and enjoy all the fun it has to offer.

Here are the things in short. Some are common sense but I also needed to remind myself to start soon enough:



  • Get a little more sleep than you normally would. It's the best way to keep your immune system stable. In winter I actually try to manage 8 hours every night. 

  • Make sure you have lots of healthy bacteria going. You can either eat more fermented food, kimchi, kefir, sauerkraut (we have a litte animation here) or actually take probiotics, which I normally start around September. We have those too, take a look in the shop

  • Have ginger honey tea to boost your immune system, simply boil the ginger for about 10 minutes and when cooled down a little, add a bit of honey. Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties. 

  • Remember to stay hydrated as the heating indoors is taking out all the moisture from the air, so upping your water or tea intake is a good idea.

  • Wear a scarf, warm shoes and warm socks and do remember in winter cotton socks are of no help, (find the tip here)

  • Get out in the fresh air and try to soak up as much sun as possible, in our area where winter can be pretty tough, it’s also time to start on the Vitamin D drops again. 

  • Wash your hands even more often with soap for at least 20 seconds, I know it sounds like a long time but you have a good chance of getting most of the germs off. I like to use pure shea butter to keep my skin from drying out.

  • Stock up on essential oils that boost your bodies defences. There are lots that can help to keep your immune system ticking over nicely like Cajeput, Thyme, Eukalyptus, Lavender, Vervain.  

  • Air the room you are in, or office space often, despite the cold. As germs and viruses survive better in a stuffy room.


    We try and do all of the above. Sleep is probably the one that keeps you most healthy but it is also the hardest to get the amount that the body requires. The easiest is the ginger honey tea as it also tastes great, and the most neglected but effective is probably the hand washing. 

  • And let's not forget to simply:














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