Last weeks healthy habit was to spend an hour each day for yourself. With lives so packed to the brim it can often be hard to put this into practice  but as with all of these healthy habits it’s well worth bringing this into your life at least sometimes for more balanced experience.

Clearly the main factor this helps with is giving you time to focus on your own mental health - which of course helps with things like stress and what that can lead to health wise.

But having some alone time can have some other health benefits. Having time to yourself and time alone can help you build up your mental strength. Humans are social animals and so it’s important to build up relationships with others but studies have found that your ability to enjoy your alone time has been linked to increased happiness, satisfaction with your life overall, and people who spend more time alone experience less depression. It also provides valuable time for you to appreciate your relationships and that can enhance our own experiences of those dynamics.

Spending time alone can also increase things like empathy, concentration & productivity and helps to spark our creativity. The point is having that time to reflect, build compassion and have the time to focus on those things.

Having time alone also allows for you to work through problems really effectively. And spending time alone means you also reconnect with yourself. It can be very easy to lose yourself along the way if you’re constantly giving yourself to other things or people that it’s important to remember who you are and what you value which. And having time alone is a really great way to reconnect with that.


While I am a complete believer in spending time alone, and while I do also spend a good amount of time during most weeks focussing on spending time alone when working from home, I had a ridiculously busy week last week and I think I only spent three days out of the seven with an hour to myself which is pretty poor going for the weeks challenge. But those hours were completely appreciated because of the ridiculously busy nature of those weeks. Two days I had an exercise class which is a really nice way to spend some time just for myself, even if it’s tough going, it is just for me. I took time to have a long bath after which was a really great way to spend my time in a sensory way. And lastly I spent one evening Netflix which gave me time to relax and not have to use either my body or my brain in order to do anything. After spending a lot of time being both physically and mentally pushed having an hour to escape those was the best.

I really believe that taking time for yourself is such an important thing to do. In order for any of us to do a good job running our lives we need to look after our own bodies and minds otherwise it can be very easy to burn out or spiral into crazy territories and the only way to rebalance is to reconnect with yourself. This healthy habit is nothing but super important for any person.





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