I just had the celeb treatment... twice in one week. It involves a needle, an IV drip and laying on a bed at the doctors for an hour or so. Yes! Apparently it's a thing the likes of Madonna and Rihanna are into. 

I had been suffering with the flu for the past 3 weeks and have hardly managed to get any rest to recover as life just goes on, and with twins the down times are scarce. So last week in an effort to get better I had two vitamin infusions. Seems like a drastic measure - you might think, and I thought so too. But a couple (yes a couple) of trusted doctors suggested I should have it, as the treatment sometimes gives you that extra little boost to enable your body to finally heal itself... I decided to go for it, after all there are the kids that need me and other responsibilities that are not so easy to get rid of. It did also help me to get around taking antibiotics, which would have been the other option, or for me - the last option.

So my personal lowdown is this. I was feeling pretty lousy beforehand and they very quickly made a noticeable difference. I would not go for the treatment lightheartedly and would only have them if my body really needed it. The nurse said some patients come twice weekly for their vitamin IV on a very regular basis... They must have huge wallets as the treatment doesn't come in cheap. The two of mine were thankfully covered by the German healthcare system but they would definitely not cover ongoing treatment. 

You need to see a doctor first before getting the treatment as they will determine the combinations of vitamins (how much and how many you have) dependent on your needs as a patient. The IV to me was a fantastic quick fix, however it obviously does not deal with the underling issue that caused the problem in the first place. In my case probably having a bit too much on and not getting enough rest. I have promised I will look after myself a little better in the future but I also feel comforted that a little help exists just in case I find myself getting run down again



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