Brushing your kids teeth requires more skill and patience than I ever thought. From which distraction is it going to be today or how do I pin them down best. I have put together a list of tips and advice I have been given and looked at what actually works best for us. 

Did you know you can start brushing your kids teeth before they even have teeth! You get little finger toothbrushes or you can use a little piece of cloth. Just carefully rub the gums. Not only does it help with teething - babies get used to brushing and it soon becomes a ritual. 

The first little tooth can then be brushed with a small toothbrush and just water.

Toothpaste can be introduced later on. It is Important to use a super small amount as kids tend to swallow it. We use a fluoride based toothpaste only in the evening and a normal one in the morning. Fluoride should be used sparingly as it leaves white patches on adult teeth. We do not give fluoride tablets, if you choose tablets you have to use toothpaste without added fluoride. 

Soon the girls wanted to brush themselves so we made a deal. If we get to brush in the evening they can brush in the morning all by themselves, we just do a little checkup at the end.

We first used normal toothbrushes but soon switched to electrical ones - they simply clean more thoroughly and do not seem to not drag out the brushing time unnecessarily. 

Bill and Pete is a cute story where the bird is the toothbrush


Tips and what we have used to get our kids to brush:

A soft toy or finger puppet holding the toothbrush. Telling a story or singing a song.

They can look at a book while we brush (one they love it Bill and Pete)... can be hard work as they tend to look down - but distraction is key.

Letting them brush our teeth as well - bit of a messy business but definitely works. Seems only fair really.

Pinning them down - and tickling them - at least when they are laughing they keep their mouth open - same counts for crying!!

Our fingerpuppet and Weleda Kinder Zahngel which we use in the morning.


Good Luck!



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