This is the second part of our medicinal plants series as we're launching our Sagitta Akut product which is plant based and definitely the thing to use if you're going to get sick.

Plants have lots of medicinal qualities and have been used for a very long time in the treatment of ailments and the creation of pharmaceuticals. We hope you enjoy the read and you can check out the first post here


Cornflower (flower)

Place of Origin: Europe

Cornflowers have traditionally been used in Central and Eastern Europe to sooth irritated and inflamed eyes. The chemicals from the flowers have been found to be mildly anti-inflammatory. 


Opium poppy (seed capsule)

Place of Origin: South Eastern Europe & Western Asia

the painkilling properties of Opium have been known since Neolithic times, and people have been cultivating the poppies for over 4000 years. The main active ingredient in opium is morphine which is one of the most powerful and important painkillers in modern medicine. It also has negative effects as heroin is also produced from Opium.


Foxglove & woolly foxglove (dried leaves)

Place of Origin: Balkans & Italy.

Foxglove was used as a remedy for water retention. The research into Foxglove led to the discover that Woolly Foxglove could help treat patients with heart issues. Drugs based on the chemical digitalin are used to steady and strengthen the heartbeat of patients with heart complaints. 


Lily of the Valley (flowers)

Place of Origin: Europe

Similar to digitalin from Woolly Foxglove, chemicals from Lily of the Valley can help to regulate the heartbeat. 


White Willow (bark)

Place of Origin: North Africa & Europe

Lots of cultures have utilised the bark of the White Willow to create remedies that helped to reduce fever, aches and pains. The White Willow contains salicin which is the pain-relieving property of it. Salicin is turned into salicylic acid and is used to treat fever and joint inflammation. Aspirin was developed from salicylic acid. 


Illustrations by Aleksandra Stanglewicz   exclusively for Sagitta 



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