This is the last post in our medicinal plants series.

Have a look here and here if you missed the first two. We thought we'd share these interesting tidbits as our new product Sagitta Akut is based purely on plants and we're launching it just in time for cold and flu season. Simply take it if you feel a sore through coming on and the natural antibiotic properties of the plants should help stop the cold in its tracks.

Enjoy the read!


Yellow Melilot (leaves and flowering branches)

Place of Origin: Europe

Yellow Melilot can improve blood circulation and help break up blood clots. It has been used to develop the drug warfarin which is used for thinning the blood. 


Onions & Garlic (bulb)

Place of Origin: Asia & Northern hemisphere.

Another common ingredient in food on our list. Eaten raw they are reputed to help prevent blood clots, oral infections and tooth decay.


Echinacea (leaves & root)

Place of Origin: North America

This plant has been used medicinally for hundreds of years, especially by Native Americans who used it to treat wounds, burns, toothache, coughs, stomach cramps and the odd snakebite.

Echinacea extract is now among the best-selling herbal remedies in the world and some studies have suggested that it could boost the immune system and help prevent colds and the flu. However other research has found no proof of any medicinal properties.


Witch Hazel (bark & leaves)

Place of Origin: Eastern part of North America

Witch Hazel has also been used for centuries among Native Americans, they boiled the stems and twigs - using the leftover liquid to treat ailments. European settlers took note of the plants benefits and developed the process to make Witch Hazel Extract which is still in use today.

It can be used for skin irritations and as an eyewash. It also has mild antiseptic ad anti-inflammatory qualities that help promote healing by stimulating the skin's defences. 


Illustrations by Aleksandra Stanglewicz exclusively for Sagitta 



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