Merry Friday from us at Sagitta… We have lots of festive links to read through today and we wish you a very merry weekend no matter if you celebrate Christmas or not…

This super cute idea to encourage children to read through an interactive app is amazing.

Too many sweets already? Fear not, this cheesy pretzel house is here to help. 

Not heard of Dr. Mike? Now you have. Thank us later. 

The most beautiful video we’ve seen in a while has an acclaimed pianist playing in the Arctic as an ice shelf collapses. Visit to give the world a Christmas present that it desperately needs. 

This pretty funny write up by a dad pretty much describes the trials of Christmas as kids start growing up. 

A study has found a reason why you might want a female doctor… 

This made us laugh, how do you shape your bush? 

Pro-tips for getting kids to sleep when they’re super excited for Christmas presents. 

LSE have conducted some research and discovered that mental health and relationships are the key to happiness. So make sure you look after yourself and your loved ones. 

This super cool Neural Network puzzle would be the perfect thing to do after all the Christmas excitement. 

This beautiful letter to a midwife who came and helped someone just as they needed it is a lovely read. 



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