Our aim here at Sagitta is to make your life a little healthier and provide ways to deal with health issues that you might not necessarily know about. We’re fortunate enough to be surrounded by healthcare professionals who have been able to give us tidbits of information that have done just that for us, and want to share this information as it could help anyone. We share a lot of tips and advice on our Instagram to do just this, and we’ve got some great pieces on there that we wanted to share here, just for you.

If you're not following us on Instagram yet you can find us at SagittaMed, we'll be updating the tips section on the website soon with the ones we've posted on IG too. Let us know if there's anything you want us to talk about too by leaving us a note on our IG and we'll do some research into it.



1. Who would have thought that this works so well? We have managed to get around antibiotics with a simple onion... well a couple of onions.
This is how it works:
1. Chop an onion.
2. Put onion in a teabag (sock also works).
3. Seal the teabag and hold over a steaming kettle.
4. Use headband to hold the warmed teabag against your (child) ears.
5. Rest ear on a hot water bottle.
15 minutes at a time, repeat as frequently as you wish.



I am fascinated by how smell can affect people's mood or even shopping habits or work performance. That good smells can make you happier and how even a whiff of something can straight away bring back memories. Apparently we even tend to choose our partner by smell.
Since smell has clearly a powerful effect, I want the scent in my home to be subtle and with the essential oils I feel like. I discovered there is a simple way to make my own air freshener. I use a jam jar with some sea salt in it and a few drops of essential oil.
Interestingly enough the favourite smell of a woman will always be her newborn baby and for men it's the smell of breakfast.



Why I use eye cream on my lips... I like a natural look and a hydrating eye cream does not put a shine on the lips. So you end up with natural, smooth looking lips and just that. Also lips do not get as addicted, so I don't have to reapply that often. I found really any eye cream works but I always go for organic. You only need a very small amount... and apparently you end up getting less wrinkles - we shall see about that.



I always have magnesium tablets in my cupboard. Once I did not quite feel like my usual self, a good friend and pharmacist suggested taking magnesium. 'It calms your nervous system, and aids good sleep' she said. It also gets rid of nasty leg cramps and I did take quite a high dose during pregnancy to keep braxton hicks under control. Careful though, taking too much can be an alternative to laxatives. If you do not want to take tablets you can also go for magnesium rich food - like leafy greens, nuts and seeds and even dark chocolate.



Why we use cotton pads instead of baby wipes ☁️ Sadly even sensitive baby wipes are full of preservatives and chemicals, they have to be otherwise they would go off or dry out. Wet wipes are extremely convenient on the go and we do occasionally borrow one if there is no running water or any other suitable alternative - trust me even leaves 🍃 would be a better option in my eyes 😂. We found simple cotton pads dipped in lukewarm water do the job without all the nasties 💚 You can get organic cotton wool pads which meet all the ethical and social standards.



Our girls only ever had herbal cough syrup - they often work better!!! and have fewer side effects 🌿 win win. Marshmallow root extract is the one I usually go for. I only give it during the day which also makes them cough less at night. The only downside is that it contains a lot of sugar. On the upside the kids even pretend having a cough nowadays 😜😂 as it does taste very good 🌿😋



I always use this simple way to clear my stuffy nose or ease an itchy throat. A bowl of hot water - a towel - some sea salt or essential oils. For clogged sinuses it's actually even better to inhale the steam with your head upside down. I know sounds funny but it actually helps to drain the sinuses more effectively. It's one of those great tips I have been given. I just find something to hold on to and put the bowl very low... bit awkward at first but works wonders



At first my Dad had a little convincing to do when it came to 'Moist wound healing'. One of our girls grazed her knee badly in the garden. My Dad recommended plasters that keep the graze moist i.e. no scab will form. So you wash the wound with clean water and simply pop one of these new plasters on. You get them up to pretty big sizes. They don't come in cheap but in most cases you only need one plaster! I was super surprised when after a couple of days she wanted to take the plaster off and the graze was perfectly healed. It definitely sped up the healing process and it avoids the kids picking at it - less scarring. Thanks Dad 😍✨
The principle is not new at all, it's from 1962 when it was discovered and professionals have been using it since. It's now finally available and affordable for the rest of us. So yes to the wet plaster :) They don't look much different but work a lot better, do give it a try!


I just found out that you can get a 'tooth saver box'. In case you have a wild child and the kid knocks out one of their second teeth it can be put back in, if you keep it in one of those boxes. It keeps it from drying out for 48 hours!! Same counts for a broken tooth the chip can also be glued back on again. Alternatively you can put it in milk which keeps it for 1-2 hours from drying out or isotonic saline solution - but only for 30 minutes. So the tooth might not be lost after all 😁✨💛



I love the cold, misty autumn air in the morning that comes with the smell of wet leaves 🍂🍁.... we open our windows wide 🌬. I started this routine after finding out that letting fresh air in - at least 3 times a day - for 10 minutes or so and you are less likely to catch something #fluseason#freshair #itsthelittlethings


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