Happy Friday

  Happy Friday! We hope you had an amazing week so far. Here are some great links for you to check out. Study says six to eight hours of sleep is best for the heart. Lasker Awards given for work in genetics, anesthesia and promoting women in science. 25 tips...

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Tip | Art of supplementing

Did you know magnesium only really works in combination with calcium, and Vitamin D only works in combination with magnesium. Calcium and Vitamin D also need to work together to get the benefits from both. Supplementing correctly is a subtle art.  Image via Tumblr

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Healthy Habits 2017 | October

Healthy Habits 2017 | October

Happy October! It's month ten of our #HealthyHabits2017 challenge! Here's our week by week breakdown of this months challenges, enjoy...    Week 40: Digital detox. Week 41: Probiotics. Week 42: Share the love. Week 43: Take magnesium. Week 44: Get a massage.    If you want to see how we've been doing so far here are the results:...

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