This is the final instalment of our 2016 Healthy Christmas Gift Guide. Tackling the teens. We love each and every one of these here and think that any teenager in your life would appreciate any of these gifts. 

If you want to see the others guides we posted click here: For the family. For her. For him. And for kids. 



Yellow Bird Project T-shirts

Yellow Bird Project work with amazing indie bands to design t-shirts. All the profits of those t-shirts go towards supporting charity. YBP recently teamed up with Trekstock as the charity they help to fund, in support young adults living with cancer. Not only do you get to give a teenager something that is actually pretty damn cool, nicely design and created by people they might admire... But at the same time you can help other young people who really need the support. 


Badass Tattly Temporary Tattoos

With the popularity of temp tattoos growing with festival culture, the cooler these things are getting. You still get to have self expression and fun without the permanence of a real tattoo. 


Adidas x Parley Ocean Plastic Trainers

Adidas have teamed up with Parley to create really cool shoes made out of ocean plastic, creating threads out of the threat that plastic poses to the ocean. These are such a great idea, innovative, you can use them while you're doing sports, they look great and they're good to the environment. Love it. 


The Clear Skin Diet Book

Acne and spots can be such a pain in the ass, and totally embarrassing at times even though it's just nature. This book might not look cool but it is jam packed full of helpful information on how diet effects your skin. If someone you love is suffering from bad skin we'd recommend reading our post on tackling acne with the internet for some tips too.

Ralf Rug by Jean Julien

The coolest addition to any room to keep feet warm. We really really want one ourselves. Jean Julien is a fantastic illustrator who went to the same art college we did, his work is fast becoming iconic so you'll be the coolest of the cool with the Ralf Rug. 


Art Studio Colouring Book

This book is great for any teens interested in art. Each page is dedicated to a different piece from art history, you get to colour in the pages so it's great for de-stressing and it's educational at the same time. 



These skateboards from Be You have got to be the most stunning skateboards we've ever seen. A skateboard is a great way to get outdoors and be active while having loads of fun and learning to take a few risks, just remember to get the protective pads if you have a beginner. 


Birch Box

We always used to love getting health and beauty products as teens and a subscription to Birch Box is modern day version of that where you get to discover great new products and find out if something works for you. Any teen girl will love this. 


Home Made Dreamcatcher

If you fancy getting crafty, you can make a really personal and great looking dream catcher to hang on a wall. Or better yet give them some time away from their phones and get them to make their own and just get the 'ingredients'. 



Bellabeat make jewellery designed to track your health. The leaf design is quite beautiful and will look great with any outfit. It's a great way for your teen to get into looking after themselves and seeing and understanding how their bodies work. 


Vinyl Player 

As mentioned in the for Him gift guide, music is great for you and your wellbeing. Record players can bring you years of healthy beneficial listening time and with vinyls becoming more and more popular this is a great gift for any teenager with a love for music. 


Snapchat's spectacles

If you can get your hands on them these would probably be the ultimate gift for a teenager. The ones we know are glued to snapchat and their spectacles look jazzy and record your day, it's like being attached to your phone and sharing your experiences without needing to be attached to your phone. 



Anya Hindmarch Eye Collection

We mentioned how back packs are good for your back and posture in general on the gift guide for her, the same applies to teens whose bodies are still forming and growing - Imagine one of those fuzzy backpacks as a school bag: super cool and giving you the best possible basis for your core.


Just kids by Patti Smith

Books and reading are so good for anyone of any age. But if there's one book you give to a teenager, let it be this. Patti Smith's encounter of her youth, moving to New York and meeting her creative counter-part is such an inspirational read with many lessons to be learned. It's her story of learning to become an adult and finding her place in the world. We'd highly recommended this read for anyone but it will be great for any teenager. 

And that's a wrap! Hopefully you liked these gift guides and they've given you some great ideas for Christmas, we genuinely can't wait!



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