Welcome to the first instalment of our Healthy Holiday Gift Guide 2016. We'll be covering gifts for her, him, kids and teens, but today we have the family. All of these gift ideas are designed to keep you healthy and happy, and these ones especially should be suitable for anyone in your life. All the titles are linked to the gifts so if you see any you fancy give them a click. 


Cool First Aid Kit

Probably one of the healthiest gifts on our list. Everyone should have a First Aid kit for those possible medical emergencies. So what better than one of these stylish super cool first aid kits. It gives kids a great opportunity to play doctor and learn about looking after their bodies too. 

Slippers to keep your toes warm

Everyone has feet and at this time of year your toes can get quite chilly. Put some slippers on those tootsies and keep them toasty warm, it might even stop you getting ill. 

Electric toothbrush, toothpaste & mouthwash

Christmas is pretty much an attack of food where ever you may live. And honestly keeping Christmas cavities at bay is one of the nicest gifts you can give someone. An electric toothbrush is one of the best investments anyone can make for the health of their teeth, the other bits will just make your mouth feel like it's at a spa day. 



Warm Blankets

See slippers above. It's chilly. Keeping warm is a wonderful thing and anything that helps with that is cool with us. 


Soap to wash off all the unexpected Christmas glitter

There's always unexpected glitter from somewhere at Christmas. Wrapping paper, Christmas cards... Father Christmas and the elves... So these beautiful soaps can only be a welcome gift. Not only are they beautifully attractive, but they're your best defence to getting sick over winter. A perfect healthy gift in our opinion. 


A Lumie light to help with SAD

This light is one of those alarm clock lights that wakes you up gently during the winter. Waking up in the dark is difficult and frankly quite depressing, which is why so many people are effected by Seasonal Affective Disorder, with the worst month being January. So this gift is just in time to help someone feel a lot less SAD over the winter. 


Seasonal Fruit and Veg Prints

The healthiest fruit and veg is always the freshest. You get the best chance of getting all the wonderful nutrients on offer with fresher options, so it's good to know what's in season. These beautiful prints act as a lovely reminder to adults who are cooking and are also educational and fun for kids to get them started on the right track. 



FitBit's have take the world by storm. They're a great health related gift - they track your activity - number of steps walked, your heart rate, quality of sleep, steps climbed and other personal metrics. They make it easier to follow along with and understand how healthy you are, and seeing progress can really help motivate you to become healthier. One lady even found out she was pregnant using hers. 


Plant Subscription 

Plants are amazing. They're pretty and they purify the air and can improve your health in general just by existing. We love the unusual plants you can get from Geo-Fleur and we also love that you can get a subscription. This would not only be the perfect gift for any green fingered soul in your life but it's a really great gift for anyone in your life.


Enchroma Glasses

If you know someone who is colour blind, this is the most wonderful gift we can imagine giving or receiving. The gift of colour. These glasses work with your vision to allow you to see the full colour spectrum. There are so many videos of mind blown people who have been able to see a colour for the first time in their lives, thanks to these glasses. It's such a thoughtful gift - you can give a loved one that most amazing experience of letting them see something they've never seen. 


See here for our healthy Advent Calendars and come back tomorrow for our Healthy Gift Guide for Ladies. 

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