It’s Monday before Valentine’s day, if you haven’t already found something to give to your significant other we’ve been hard at work finding some creative and healthy gift inspiration for you. You may be able to get delivered before Wednesday, so good luck!


Dance lessons in London and Munich

Dancing is creative and gives your body a good workout, so why not do some classes together? It builds confidence and is a fantastic way to develop your coordination and strength. You can show off at parties afterwards! Not in your city? Just Google for local dance classes.



His and Hers Slippers

Slippers are undeniably amazing. Comfy and warm, there’s something very luxurious about wearing slippers when you’re at home. Get a pair for both of you and you can enjoy that luxurious feeling together while keeping your toes cosy and protected from the rest of the winter.



The Last Rolo

Ever saved your last Rolo for someone? Now you can give them the ultimate Rolo that will last forever, sadly not edible but made out of silver instead, so better your teeth ultimately. A lasting token of love!



Custom Playlist

When was the last time you made a mixtape for someone? Give it a try in this modern age with Spotify, it won’t cost you a penny! Music promotes happiness and also increases blood flow so while you make someone the ultimate personal gift you can do them some good at the same time. Create and share a playlist of all their favourite songs to serenade the night away.



A Healthy Retreat

At Hotel Punta in Croatia, they have a tailor-made experience for a healthy holiday for two. You get 4 different training sessions of your choice and complimentary classes and access to the spa facilities. A great way to be healthy and relax together.



Wooden blocks and Lego Architecture Studio

Lego is a great present for those of you who love to make things. Did you know that Lego used to be made from wood before they switched to plastic? One company has created wooden blocks that are compatible with Lego so your SO can finally build that wooden cabin they’ve always talked about. That’s not all, Lego have a great set that has no instructions, only tips and techniques to guide you as you build your own creation. Great for tackling stress and improving your problem solving abilities.



Tips for the bedroom

Let’s get right to it - this site combines the first ever research on women’s pleasure, combining wisdom from over 2000 women into one website. A one time fee will give you an insight into what works for women, tips and techniques to help make fun in the bedroom (Or wherever…) that much more fun! The health benefits will be endless and even Emma Watson uses it. 


Flowers, the healthy version

We’ve covered how plants in the home help purify the air you breathe, so how about combining the two by getting an Orchid? Stunning colours, easy to take care of and it makes the air you breathe that little bit better for you.



Bean to Bar Chocolate

Chocolate is probably the go-to present for Valentine’s day. But what’s in a normal bar of chocolate? Loads of sugar, milk and tons of stuff you might not expect. Bean to Bar chocolate on the other hand is gaining popularity, the creators source cocoa beans directly from farmers and carefully craft their bars in small batches. Each bar therefore has a dizzying amount of flavour that you just can’t get from a big brand, with all the great stuff and none of the preservatives and additives. Treat your partner to a monthly subscription, or get it for yourself, we won’t tell.



Bespoke Perfume Design (Not Safe For Wallet)

For those of you with slightly more funds, you can have a bespoke perfume created for your partner that not only just smells incredible but boosts wellbeing. For a princely sum you can have a perfume created that is truly unique.  

So there you have it, our gift guide for Valentine's day. You’d best hurry though, it’s less than 48 hours away! We hope you enjoy February 14th whatever your status is, chocolate is a universal soothing balm for the soul.



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