We're looking for contributors to help out at Sagitta!

Ideally we're looking for English & German speakers, but it's not a necessity. People interested and working in PR, editorial and design, anything from interns to pros!

The main thing we're looking for is that you have an interest in health and belief in what we're doing. 

Here's a bit about Sagitta:

We bought back the family business as we saw there was a space for us to do some good in the world of health: usually information is presented in a super scientific manner that’s hard to understand, or it’s all about food and fitness - no one is really covering the middle ground.

Since repurchasing the brand we have been busy working away to develop and create new product ideas that are designed to prevent illness rather than treat it. In that respect we have a very different and more modern approach to health and medical: we don’t want you to get sick in the first place.

General responsibilities:

Day to day help on running the brand. We're working on everything from creating products, designing the packaging, illustrating content, creating videos, animating tips. Coming up with product ideas, researching, promoting our brand on social, creating blog posts and informative content, translating. All sorts. In particular we'd really love people who can help with the following:

Editorial - planning, researching, writing, creating content for Sagitta, anything from blog posts, to tips, to social content.

PR - planning, strategy, marketing, future proofing the brand, getting the brand noticed, being a face for the brand when interacting with customers etc. 

Design - Graphic design, illustration, photography, advertising, copywriting might even come into it, conceptual thinking.

The work is typically remote and we don't have set hours. If you're looking for intern experience you can come and work with us in London or Munich. If you're interesting in applying please get in touch with a CV and a short cover note explaining why you'd be interested at info@sagittamed.de



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