My grandparents and parents already used leg compresses to lower a fever - it's a simple trick that got passed down and never fails to work.

Fever is a good thing, it's protecting the body against infection. Just when it gets too high (40 degrees or above) it's good to lower it so the child is comfortable. I find calf wraps are an easy home remedy that often avoids having to use tablets:
  1. I soak two tea-towels in lukewarm water. My kids hate when it's too cold and it's not necessary to make it too cold. 
  2. I wrap one towel around each calf - and afterwards a hand towel to keep the bed dry.
  3. I redo it every 10-15 minutes until the fever goes down below 40/39 degrees.
It's not advised to do it on very small children (6 month and under) and when children have got cold hands or feet already.

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