Do you take supplements? I was not into taking any sort of supplements for a long time. But when I got pregnant I started taking folic acid. Once my babies were born we have been giving them Vitamin D drops as over here we do not get much sun. Sooner or later I realised they can actually help prevent stuff and are pretty low risk. We really take care of the food we eat, we source local food, buy organic and avoid processed food and too much sugar.

In a perfect world with a perfect diet and lifestyle nobody would have to supplement anything but with our life expectancy, busy lifestyle (and yes crappy food) it seems nearly impossible. Good supplements are made from natural ingredients and give the body a little additional help to stay healthy. Sometimes it's just quite a few pills you have to swallow, the pic shows my morning dose of supplements at the moment!

I am currently testing a couple of new ones out, in them you get all natural antibiotics that will help you avoid the real deal. Probiotics that help babies who were delivered by cesarean section to build up their good gut bacteria. The more I know the more impressed I am by their ingredients and possibilities.

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