Both our girls suck their thumbs, I think when they popped out they already knew how to do it! They are three years old now and need it only really at bed time but after speaking to our dentist, we have to start getting them off the habit before their adult teeth come in. I am preparing myself for a lengthy process... I was a notorious thumb sucker myself and kept it up for a long time which left my parents with expensive orthodontist bills and me with braces for a considerable amount of my teens.

First we will try talking them out of it, and making them understand that they do not need it. It's about breaking the habit somehow. A friend told me she was sucking her thumb way into primary school and then one day her uncle came over and told her that one thumb was already shorter from all the sucking and she stopped on the spot. We could do with a comment like that - I might bribe someone. If talking does not work we might try that bad tasting stuff you can rub on next.

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